independent voter   tERM LIMITS






Independent Voter Term Limits - The Solution.  Independent Voters now make up 45% of all voters. It also stands to reason that their numbers are much higher because Independent Voters often register with political parties to vote for what they believe to be the best of two evils (our last Presidential election). 

1) Independent Voter Term Limits - The Solution. If we agree that both political parties are corrupted by Wall Street billionaires and have little to offer the majority of American citizens we have identified the problem.

​2) Independent Voter Term Limits - The Solution.  By identifying the problem we can join together to correct Wall Street billionaire control over our legislators (TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY).

3) Independent Voter Term Limits - The Solution. We simply forget  party line differences promoted by Wall Street media and toss every House of Representatives member (IRREGARDLESS OF WHICH CORRUPTED POLITICAL PARTY THEY BELONG) every two years.

4) Independent Voter Term Limits - The Solution.  By dumping the House every two years it will end: 

  • Lobbyist providing legislators 3 billion dollars a year to Pay-to-Play, 
  • The Political Party Partisanship deadlocking our country, 
  • the special interest campaign funding used to buy our elected for profit.
  • The Wall Street corrupted political system.
  • The billionaires taking prosperity from the majority.

3) The quickest way to correct our political system is to apply Independent Voter Term Limits - The Solution to: 

  • The Federal House of Representatives every two (2) years.  
  • The majority of States Lower House that have (2) year terms. 

Independent Voter Term Limits - the Solution. When billionaires can no longer buy our elected we can replace Wall Street career politicians with honest statesman (teachers, engineers, accountants, doctors, electricians, etc.) who are interested in whats best for our whole country. ​

By using INDEPENDENT VOTER TERM LIMITS - the Solution we can end Wall Streets control over our elected and take back our country within two years.

Independent voters have the voting power to make it happen. The Idea of Voter Term Limits usually puts a smile on the face of most Americans. Politicians, Lobbyists and Billionaires - not so much.